Q: What is the cost for wedding gown alterations?

            Most gowns need a hem. These start at $100 and can easily go up with the type of hem needed, the number of layers, the type of fabric and the type of hem finishing and decoration. Some gowns need crinoline slip that also needs hemming. A hem alone can easily top $352. 
            Other alteration to consider is the bodice area. Any lace, beading, embroidery etc. must be removed and then reapplied. This process can get very expensive a good guess would be from $50 to $150. 
            The last main alteration is a bustle. There are a few ways gowns are bustled, and they all are determined by what we call points. Our charge for bustling depends on the number of these points - the longer the train the more points will be necessary. Normally the average gown needs 3 to 7 points so bustle alone can be $50-$227.

             A: Min: $10, Aver: $300, Max: $723

Pressing cost:   Wedding gown: $60-$150, Slip: $25-$40, Veil: $20-$80